Running Free

A change is coming hear it in the wind
As the driving rain comes down
A new beginning or the end of time
Steady nerves, don’t let me down

Fuelled by ambition, some say it’s greed
We prepare the battle ground
A working man I always paid the crown
But tonight it comes around

You tell me you think I’m losing my way
Laws were made by man to control their plan
So who’s to say that I can’t live my way

With months of planning we all know our part
As the signal starts the game
No plan for violence but we know the risks
And we’ll fight until the end

On for glory with eyes set firm on the prize
No turning back, I hope you understand
That sometimes in life you need to feel alive

See the sun light up the sky
Far away I’ve got to fly
With freedom lost, a price too dear
So I can’t stay, my life’s done here
I’ll sail away when the tide is high
They’ll follow me to the other side
But see,
I’m a long way from home but I’m running free

The best laid plans, they can turn to dust
When the pressure’s coming down
Agreed retreat, we went underground
While the vultures circled round

Thought we were heroes but we failed to see
The reception we’d receive
A missing detail, an oversight
Not we’ll pay the penalty

I’m a long way from home but I’m running free
I’m a long way from home but forever free…