Cut You Loose

It doesn’t mean a thing if you take this down
Or throw it all away
I don’t care about the repercussions
I’ve got to have my say

Far too many times I listened
Keep the peace and play the game
Saying what I thought you’d want to hear
Felt colder everyday

Then in time the winds can change
And the colours turn to grey
Till you’re fading away

I had to find a new escape route
For a good old fashioned time
Living high and living fast
This new adventure crossed the line

Now it’s plain to see your colours
And I’m sure you’ll park the blame

You know the danger used to keep me hooked
I liked the different ways
What you never knew would never hurt
Then here comes judgement day

You push a hard excuse
Live or die I’ll lose
So I cut my ties to you
It’s not a game you choose
We play against the fuse
Nothing left to lose so I cut you loose

I never meant to turn and hurt you
But you also crossed the line
When you’re both so far removed
It can be too much to survive

I tried my best to keep it hidden
But you’re always judged in time
You battle running from the devil
As he tempts you with the wine

All those snidey comments, put me downs
Break your back in time
Feeling down and out with nothing left
Revenge will now define

Are you happy with the plans you made?
I guess we’ll see in time
But can you stand up tall and say it wasn’t you
That killed this twisted lie

A mistake, it seemed so simple
Now the consequence is mine