I’ve lost my guided way
The path is blurred, the walls go up
I need a change today

Shake down
I hear you call my name
Take my hand and guide me through
Your dark and mystic ways

Visions of the future
A game to pass the time
Distraction from the trials of life
To open up your mind

A lost soul can be broken
But trust and you will see
The cards show you the answers
Hidden powers to set you free

Read it from the pictures
Let the feeling take you
A major card will tell you
A life equation
Creative with a passion
A revelation
Smoke drifts all around you
Music playing louder
The fog distracts your focus
And lifts you higher
Can this be true?
As she asks me slowly…

Do you believe
That I could change your point of view?
Do you believe in yourself?
Give me your hand

Follow me, I’ll show the way
Do you believe in yourself?

Wake up
The sun is streaming in
Grab my things and turn to leave
She’s nowhere to be seen

Step out
The street feels strange today
What the hell just happened here?
Nothing seems the same

The visions are so real
The fool’s laughs aren’t so kind
How’d we ever end up here
I’ve lost my track of time

Lessons come in life
An experience devine
Or sorcery to draw you in
As echoes fill my mind

Cut You Loose