Just Believe

It never seemed the easy way out
Think we’d all agree
When the right thing stares you in the face
Then it’s time to leave

They say that confidence is everything But I feel that the brave
See that fear is there to conquer
as they stand up to the rage

Change is scary, takes you by surprise
But it’s what you need
Don’t feel trapped
The bars that held you back
Bend to set you free

When you find your true direction
Take the leap and you will see
There’s a world there to discover
You can follow all your dreams

Watching from a distance
You can see it plain from here
It’s not easy on the inside
When you’re caught up in the tears

The struggle can be real
And the pain is what we fear
But the barriers are breaking
Take the chance, your time is here

Can you see the new horizon?
Can you feel the changing year?
Journey to a new world
Where the light is shining clear

I believe
That time will hold the answers
Just believe