Ride Away

You can find yourself aiming way too high
So high that you can’t see
your dreams are drifting by
You can tell me once or you can tell me twice
That I just runaway to a picture caught in time

Did you ever stop long enough to see
That there’s more in this world
than the corner of your life
You can save it once but you can’t save it twice
There’s just a single chance to get it right first time

I’ve been wandering through an empty place
All I feel’s a lonely space
But I know there’s another place for me

If you want to ride you can fly away with me
Ride the winds that take me home
A flame that burns inside
The light shows where I need to be
I hear her call to take me home
Ride away home

A hazy memory, a distant call
Captured in my mind, a dream I need to find
I’ve been there once, maybe been there twice
But someday I can feel I’ll tread this chosen line

She’s calling when I dream at night
Across the sea I watch the light
Dance the waves and hear them sing to me

Can you see the sunlight shining down
As I watch you dance across the sand
I’ve seen that look deep in your eyes
When you never want to leave me
So take me back, I never want to leave again…

Cut You Loose